Humanistic Judaism UK is a central resource for Humanistic Judaism in the UK.

Whilst Humanistic Judaism has grown to encompass many communities across North America and internationally, the movement in the UK has until now (2020) been limited in an organised sense despite its obvious appeal to many Jewish People.

It is the aim of this site to form a central fulcrum for the promotion of Humanistic Judaism in the Uk with the ambition over the medium to long term of building a thriving Humanistic Jewish organisation and associated communities across the UK with strong links to other Humanistic Jewish organisations and communities globally.

We are immensely proud of the culture, history and ethics of a Jewish people that has survived and prospered during both good times and bad over 3000 years. Humanistic Judaism provides a modern alternative vision of Judaism which can be a leader in bringing about a flourishing and peaceful long-term future for the Jewish people.

We need your support to help us establish a successful Humanistic Jewish organisation with associated groups and communities in the UK.

Please subscribe to Humanistic Judaism – UK here and take the first steps in making a difference.