Humanistic Judaism Uk is a new site to represent Humanistic Judaism in the United Kingdom.

Whilst Humanistic Judaism is an established part of Jewish life in the United States, in particular, there is currently no central body to represent and promote Humanistic Judaism in the UK.

This site represents an opportunity to provide a central forum for Humanistic Jews in the UK and those who wish to explore this form of Judaism further.

It is hoped, therefore, that this site can provide a valuable first step in creating a vibrant Humanistic Jewish organisation and communities in the United Kingdom.

Please join us by subscribing here and be part of an valuable new movement.

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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Dave Steinberg says:

    Mazel Tov

    Just stumbled across our website and I am absolutely delighted that we
    have a small window for Humanistic Jews in the UK at last. I look forward
    to the site growing and gaining many new members. The site will hopefully
    also gain personality and personalities in the near future. My first
    impression is an informative site explaining the principles of Humanistic
    Judaism, but seriously lacking any direct human input. We must be brave
    and stand for what we believe in with people, faces and UK links.
    Criticism will inevitably flow from some quarters, but there are many who
    will publicly support this initiative.

    Rabbi’s / Madricha’s questions, community news and events and on-line
    learning for adults and kids are just a few of the items that would make
    this site greater, as many like myself are stranded outside of Humanistic
    communities and yearn for a UK based on-line community / congregation with
    links to communal / national events.

    Keep up the good work. I will be joining the site from my home email
    judo.dave@blueyonder.co.uk. May your efforts continue to go from strength
    to strength.


    PS. Problems sending email directly to your email address.

  2. Fortunato Santos says:

    On January the 7th 2011 I will be presenting my ‘Viva’ for my PhD. The University is St David – Lampter (Wales).My thesis is about Humanistic Judaism. The title of it is: Humanistic Judaism ‘History, Doctrines, Ethics and Religious Rituals’. I must say it is a very good piece of work. It is very comprehensive and I am sure it would benefit anyone interested in Humanistic Judaism. So, from now on I will be checking on your website for news about Humanistic Judaism.

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