Reading more about Humanistic Judaism

Whilst a website such as this can set out the basic tenets of Humanistic Judaism and provide a forum for discussion, it is books and other publications that put the meat on the bones of Humanistic Judaism and let us develop our own understanding of the philosophy and central ideas of the movement.

As a starting point, one can always be directed to the clear and inspirational publications of the founder of modern Humanistic Judaism, Sherwin Wine, but there is also substantive new literature by writers such as Greg Epstein and Bernardo Sorj.

If Amazon cannot assist, please consider the bookshop of the Society for Humanistiic Judaism and also the publications section of the International Institue for Secular Humanistic Judaism.

At Humanistic Judaism UK, we are looking at ways to build up our own book store and library and will keep you informed of developments.

Enjoy your reading.

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