A vision for Humanistic Judaism UK 2

Following the post last week, we set out further ideas as to the future development of Humanistic Judaism UK.

Central to the progress of the organisation is to make education paramount. This will mean that the organisation keeps its own physical or online library of relevant publications and, in particular, develops relevant training courses for existing and future community leaders; and a recognised Humanistic Jewish curriculum for the children of members.

With regard to organisation, whilst Humanistic Judaism Uk will be the central body, it will be a fully democratic body representing its constituent members which will include local communities and other appropriate membership sections such as a student body which will be key in generating future leaders of the organistation.

A further key requirement for the Humanistic Judaism Uk organisation will be to provide central strategic support to communities wishing to set up and grow themselves across the UK. The modern internet world, will without doubt, assist in this role and provide central resoures to communities very simply. It will, of course, be up to local communities to grown in their own way according to local circumstances.

The key is for all constituent parts of the organisation to adhere to the central tenets of Humanistic Judaism without any part being tied to any prescriptive models which they must follow.

Again, please feel free to add your own constructive comments regarding the future of Humanistic Judaism UK or contact us directly.

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2 Responses to A vision for Humanistic Judaism UK 2

  1. this post is very usefull thx!

  2. Dave Steinberg says:

    It would be interesting and useful to see a geographical map reflecting the interest shown for our movement. It would allow us to guage where communities may be formed and may also allow these parties to communicate, through HJUK initially perhaps and directly thereafter. This would hopefully allow groups to establish and meet.

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