Humanistic Judaism and Israel

In recent communications with this site, a correspondent acknowledged that whilst they had an interest in cultural judaism, they did not support Israel or Zionism.

Whilst humanist jews will undoubtedly be critical of some of the things that the Israeli government does, they also understand the unique position that Israel holds for all Jewish people and fully support its fundamental right to exist in peace with it’s neighbours as a democratic state with attendent rights of self-defence.

This post by its very nature is succinct and there is much room for further discussion of the subject but the official resolution of the Society for Humanistic Judaism in broad terms sets out a fair and nuanced position on Israel and it’s future as follows:

As Humanistic Jews:

We reaffirm our solidarity and support of the people of Israel and of the right and responsibility of Israel to defend its citizens. The State of Israel is under attack. We reaffirm our support for the continued existence and defense of Israel. The future of the State of Israel must be secured.

We support Israel, the United States, and others in their efforts to combat terrorism. We encourage the United States to take a vigorous stand in bringing Israel, the Palestinians, and other involved parties to the negotiating table. We support a negotiated solution that assures a secure State of Israel and a demilitarized sovereign Palestinian state.

We support the efforts to find a solution that will bring peace with justice to the entire region.

— May 4, 2002

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