New Judaism for Everyone by Bernardo Sorj

For a modern perspective on Humanistic Judaism, a new book by Bernardo Sorj a Jewish Brazilian academic comes highly recommended.

This book is not currently available directly from but please note the following synopsis of the book and how to purchase at the SHJ bookstore


by Bernardo Sorj

Sorj illustrates the balance of Jewish tradition and the state of Judaism today in an informative package that concludes Humanistic Judaism to be the alternative to irrationalism and dogma. He brilliantly chronicles changing Judaism over the millennia – from biblical Judaism to modern thought and presents tradition and collective memory as raw materials that each generation must reinterpret and in which new meanings are found. Judaism for Everyone … without Dogma is an effort to contribute to the advancement of Judaism that is based on freedom not on fear or blind acceptance of authority. For individuals who value their capacity to decide what is right and wrong, the question is not what Judaism is but rather how to find their own way to be a Jew.

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