The central philosophy of Humanistic Judaism is succintly described by it’s central body the Society for Humanistic Judaism as follows:

Humanistic Jews Affirm That:

A Jew is someone who identifies with the history, culture and future of the Jewish people.

Jewish identity is best preserved in a free, pluralistic environment

Jewish history is a human saga, a testament to the significance of human power and human responsibility.

Judaism is the historic culture of the Jewish people.

We possess the power and responsibility to shape our own lives independent of supernatural authority.

Ethics and morality should serve human needs.

The freedom and dignity of the Jewish people must go hand in hand with the freedom and dignity of every human being.

Humanistic Judaism Uk is the central website of Humanistic Judaism within the United Kingdom with a primary aim of promoting Humanistic Judaism and its broad philosophy to enable the growth and expansion of a Humanistic Jewish organistion with associated groups and communities in the UK.